Suzyn Waldman on A-Rod: “I find him impossible to dislike”


Yankees radio broadcaster Suzyn Waldman spoke to Bob Raissman of the Daily News about Alex Rodriguez. Your mileage may vary on her baseball analysis, but she nails the A-Rod analysis pretty spot-on:

“I find him impossible to dislike,” Waldman, the Yankees radio analyst, told me during a telephone conversation. “I’m not defending him. I think what he did was stupid more than anything else. I know he’s lied. He’s made every wrong decision. He says things and does things and you just want to say ‘Why?’ I also know you can’t go wrong for dumping on Alex. This is what its become. What’s he supposed to do?”

What’s he supposed to do? Don’t you read the papers, Suzyn? Exile to the Yukon is his only option. — Wait, what’s that? Oh, sorry. I’ve just been told that he can’t do that either, as he’d be all alone there, “making it all about him.”  So no, I have no idea what he should do either.