The Royals are considering an eight-man bullpen


They had the best bullpen in all the land last year. Now they’re considering adding a guy to it:

To hear manager Ned Yost tell it, the Royals could open the season with an eight-man bullpen, one more than the usual number of relievers. The extra pitcher would provide insurance if [Luke] Hochevar needs extra time to ready himself for extended duty.

“It depends on where Hoch is at,” Yost said. “If we need to protect Hoch, then, probably. If we don’t need to protect Hoch, then probably not.”

If the Royals need a pinch hitter or a defensive replacement early in the season, you have a really, really good chance of getting in the game. Literally: you. Like, if you’re sitting near the Royals’ dugout, Yost may call on you due to a lack of position players.