Photo of the Day: Jesus Montero DARES you to throw an ice cream sandwich at him now


We have heard tell of Jesus Montero being in The Best Shape of His Life. Seattle Times reporter Ryan Divish is in Peoria, Arizona and he has the documentary proof. Mercy:

That’s a long damn way from where Montero was last year, when he was being heckled by one of his own team’s scouts about his weight — the infamous ice cream sandwich incident — causing Montero to go into the stands in an attempt to fight him. That frustration, one suspects, was at least partially a product of a couple of lost years in which the once-top prospect was suspended for drug use, got woefully out of shape and put his career in jeopardy.

There are no guarantees that Montero’s career will get better. He has to hit and/or figure out a defensive position he won’t butcher and he has to convince the Mariners that there is a place for him, both physically and figuratively in their organization.

But getting into shape is the first step. And he appears to have done it. Good for him.