UPDATE: Anthony Bosch sentenced to four years in prison


UPDATE: Bosch was just sentenced to 48 months in federal prison. If he gets any time off for good behavior, he may be out in time for A-Rod’s contract to expire in October 2017.

The four years he received is not a deviation from the sentencing guidelines, which means that MLB’s letter vouching for Bosch really didn’t do much, one presumes.

9:21 AM: Happy Anthony Bosch Sentencing Day!

Today the owner of Biogenesis will be sentenced following his October guilty plea to a charge of conspiracy to distribute testosterone. The sentencing guidelines call for three to four years — the maximum is ten years — but he has been cooperating with prosecutors and has had MLB put in a good word for him so there’s a decent chance he gets some leniency.

Despite the fact that Bosch was, by all accounts, at the top of this distribution chain that put PEDs in the hands of high school kids, he has served as a key witness against others and will continue to do so in upcoming trials of Biogenesis figures who did not plead out or properly position themselves in the whole affair.