The Yankees told A-Rod he could have an apology press conference at Yankee Stadium


Alex Rodriguez met with members of the Yankees braintrust this week in attempt to clear the air for the drama over the past couple of years. Assuming the next step on his make-good campaign is an apology press conference, the Yankees have offered up Yankee Stadium as a venue. Teri Thompson, Bill Madden, and Nathaniel Vinton of the New York Daily News have the story:

According to sources close to the matter, should Rodriguez opt to have a press conference, the club’s preference is to avoid the media melee that is sure to surround A-Rod if the steroid-stained slugger delivers an apology prior to rejoining the Yankees after his season-long drug suspension. The Yankees would rather have A-Rod meet the media in New York than anywhere in Tampa.

Officials told Rodriguez as much Tuesday in the faced-to-face meeting where A-Rod apologized to owner Hal Steinbrenner, team president Randy Levine and general manager Brian Cashman for his role in the Biogenesis doping scandal. Rodriguez was told that if he planned to show contrition to fans for his deceptions, the organization would prefer he not do it at spring training.

Rodriguez has not yet responded to the offer, according to a source.

“Steroid-stained slugger,” huh? Dig that alliteration. You might remember that Rodriguez held a press conference at Yankees camp in February of 2009 after first admitting to PED use. With hundreds of media members in attendance, Rodriguez had Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi at his side and teammates looking on in support. A-Rod is going to be a story this spring no matter what, so the attempt to control the atmosphere might be fruitless, but you can understand why the Yankees want to at least try to keep the conversation strictly about baseball in their camp this time around.