Does Jeffrey Loria deserve another chance from Marlins fans?


Kind of an odd column from Greg Cote of the Miami Herald. In it he notes that (a) a lot of Marlins fans really dislike team owner Jeffrey Loria; and (b) there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Marlins right now. Both of those things are, from what I can tell, unassailably true.

But then:

In any case as the 2015 baseball season draws near it may be time the grudge-holders hit the reset button on Loria and give his ownership a fresh look with new eyes.

Why? Is it not possible to still hate Jeff Loria and wish he’d sell the team and root for the players and the team? Or is he talking about the people who have boycotted the Marlins because of Loria, of which I assume there are some? In that case, isn’t the disgust for Loria so great that nothing which happens on the field will sway them?

Here’s a proposition: based on copious evidence that he’s a miserable baseball owner who has caused far more harm than good by virtue of his stewardship of two franchises (one now dead, in no small part thanks to him), baseball fans can reasonably refuse to give Jeff Loria a “fresh look with new eyes” and instead just watch some baseball games.

Or do we have to root for owners now too?