Rob Manfred says Joe Maddon tampering investigation is ongoing


We heard back in November that MLB was officially investigating the Rays’ claim that the Cubs tampered before hiring Joe Maddon as manager. Months later, we’re still waiting for a resolution.

According to Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago, new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday that the investigation is “ongoing.”

“Over would not be the appropriate word to describe,” Manfred responded. “There is an ongoing investigation. To the extent it’s concluded, one way or another, we’ll be transparent about that. We’ll let you know.”

When Andrew Friedman left for the Dodgers, Maddon used a clause in his contract to opt out of his deal and join the Cubs a week later. The Rays believe that he opted out of the deal with the knowledge that the Cubs wanted him. However, the Cubs insist that there is nothing to the tampering claim.

Rogers was told by a source that the investigation should be completed by the start of the season, but one rival executive expects nothing will come of the charges. The Cubs would presumably be fined or possibly lose a draft pick if evidence of tampering is found.