Kevin Cash won’t tinker with Rays’ lineup like Joe Maddon did


Joe Maddon was known for many quirks, one of which was writing out a new permutation of his lineup seemingly every day. New manager Kevin Cash plans to offer lineup stability, particularly in the middle of the order, per Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times.

“Ultimately we would like our core guys to have a good sense of where they’re hitting in the lineup,” Cash said. “Some would be planted, whether in the No. 3 spot or No. 4 spot or wherever. And some we’d like to have it be, ‘You’re going to hit either fifth or sixth’ or ‘You’re going to hit first or second,’ something of that degree. Our goal coming in is to have a righty lineup and a lefty lineup, and have that be very similar on a daily basis.”

As Topkin notes, Maddon averaged over 137 different lineups over the past five seasons. If Cash sticks to his plan, his average should be significantly lower as the skipper of the Rays.