Ruben Amaro apparently has “a year or two” before a decision is made on his future


David Montgomery, Chairman of the Phillies, said this today on MLB Network Radio about the future of GM Ruben Amaro:

“We think we have a pretty quality guy in that role. At the same time, I have a partnership group where they are looking at this closely as well. And the reality is we have a GM that we think is effective and we have a Hall Of Fame GM in our midst as well. And if Pat [Gillick] spends an entire year or two close with Ruben [Amaro], I think he’ll have a very good idea as to how effective Ruben is and collectively a decision will be made.”

Not terribly surprising. The tear-down and rebuild is already underway. If the Phillies were gonna can Amaro, you think they would’ve done it and allowed someone else to mount the rebuilding effort.

(Thanks to John M. for the heads up)