The Yankees claim they’re worried about A-Rod breaking up with his girlfriend


I don’t much care who A-Rod takes out for dinner, but apparently some anonymous person with the Yankees thinks it’s really bad that Rodriguez and his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, have broken up. From the august Page Six:

Rodriguez and superfit Wilson, both 39, began dating in late 2011 and were often seen working out together. Wilson is popular in the Yankee organization, as she was seen as a “good, calming influence” over Rodriguez. A Yankee source said, “Torrie is a lovely girl. The last thing Alex needs now is to be single, dating and distracted by women.”

What, exactly, about Alex Rodriguez over the past couple of years has suggested that she has had a good, calming influence over him? At least from the Yankees perspective? These same anonymous Yankees sources have painted A-Rod as a raving, out-of-control sociopath who has done everything this side of literally pouring gasoline on the floor and lighting it while cackling, but now they’re concerned that his “good, calming influence” is gone.

Oh well. Ladies: line forms on the left.