Ned Yost developed an app to teach baseball strategy


On the one hand, Ned Yost is the manager of a pennant-winning ballclub. On the other hand, he’s a guy whose specific strategic decisions can be so head-scratching that his name has been turned into a verb that serves as a synonym for “bad decision.” In light of that, this is all kinds of fun: Yost helped develop an app during the offseason designed to teach baseball strategy.

In this case it may be OK, though, as it doesn’t test bullpen choices. Rather, it’s about choosing which base fielders should throw to in various scenarios. Yost is probably pretty good at that. My memory of him as the Braves’ third base coach was such that he was pretty good at knowing when to send runners and stuff, and knowing how to do that depends a lot on knowing how fielders are going to respond.

Still, it’s kind of sad. Because an app in which you choose a relief pitcher, only to have the disembodied head of Yost appear and say “Are you sure you want to call on him? It’s the sixth inning and he’s your . . . Seventh Inning Guy” would be the best thing ever.