“That’s what Cuba does to you. It leaves you wanting more”


Some serious must-click link stuff from Jorge Arangure Jr. of Vice Sports. The first in a series called “The Cuba Diaries,” which chronicle Arangure’s visit to the country.

He touches briefly on baseball in this first installment, but this is a scene-setter which explains how Cuba is, at the moment, anxious. In transition from what it has known for the past half century to what it will become as the island opens up and relations with its neighbor to the north normalize. A transition many in the U.S. will portray as some form of grand, unequivocal progress but which, in reality, is something that will bring new problems even as it presents new opportunities.

Of particular interest is Arangure’s description of how cable TV has, quite illegally, made inroads into the country and how “with cable, the world has gotten significantly smaller for Cubans.” He ads that “in its own way, watching sports on television has become a form of passive revolution.”

Absolutely fascinating stuff that anyone with an interest in Cuba and Cuban baseball players should make a point to read.