Jeff Bagwell is rejoining the Astros organization, at least temporarily


Jeff Bagwell was the Astros hitting coach for part of the 2010 season but left the job after the year was over. Since then he has basically just wandered the Earth, I guess. He certainly hasn’t worked in baseball. But now he’s coming back into the Astros’ fold:

Astros president of business operations Reid Ryan said Bagwell will be in Kissimmee, Fla., for a few days in March, marking his first appearance in spring camp in five years. Ryan and manager A.J. Hinch had worked for weeks trying to get Bagwell back in the fold, and Bagwell told Ryan on Tuesday he would lend his knowledge to the Astros.

It doesn’t sound like a big gig (i.e. “a few days in March,”) but it’s something. Teams should keep their franchise legends in the fold if they can. It’s good to see Bagwell joining Craig Biggio and Roger Clemens Nolan Ryan and other Astros players who can hang around and impart some wisdom, even if it’s only for a few days.