The Brewers re-introduce the Beer Barrel Man


This is all kinds of fun:

The Beer Barrel Man has a loooong history in Milwaukee. Longer than the existence of the major league version of the Brewers. Indeed, he was the logo for the minor league Brewers in the 40s and 50s prior to the Braves’ arrival in Milwaukee. At the time he was generically referred to as Barrel Man and had various specific names such as “Owgust.”

When the Brewers returned as a major league team, so too did Barrelman, and he lasted until 1977 as a logo. He was never a mascot, though. That was Bernie Brewer, who still exists. And of course the sausage racers are still there. Now Beer Barrel Man — or, I guess, they’re just calling him “Barrelman” — is back. And in corporeal form.

Now, if they’ll bring back the beer mug Bernie slides into, everything will be A-OK.