Tommy Milone had a benign tumor removed from his neck


On December 4, Twins starter Tommy Milone had a benign tumor surgically removed from his neck,’s Rhett Bollinger reports. He was able to start his throwing program on schedule, however, and should be ready to go when spring training begins.

Milone, 28 in February, joined the Twins at the trade deadline last season when the Athletics acquired outfielder Sam Fuld. The lefty dealt with neck soreness during the second half and wasn’t nearly as effective, posting a 7.06 second-half ERA over five starts compared to 3.55 over 16 first-half starts.

Milone will compete for a spot in the back of the Twins’ starting rotation against Trevor May, Mike Pelfrey, and Alex Meyer.

Tom Brady’s bid to trademark ‘Tom Terrific’ rejected

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Remember back in June when New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attempted to trademark “Tom Terrific?” And how everyone laughed at him because anyone who knows the first thing about sports knows that Tom Seaver, not Brady, was the first — and, frankly, only — “Tom Terrific?”

Well, our laughing was validated because his application was rejected by the Patent and Trademark Office because of a “false connection” with Tom Seaver. That’s the report from trademark lawyer Josh Gerben, who analyzes Brady’s failed bid here:

Next up on Great Moments in Hubris, I presume, will be my often ridiculous alma mater. But for now:

Sit down, son.