Ted Lilly charged with felony insurance fraud


Ted Lilly pitched in the bigs from 1999 through 2013 and made roughly $80 million in salary. So, if he got a $200,000 RV, he should’ve been able to afford insurance. And, even if he didn’t get insurance, if he damaged his $200,000 RV, he should have been able to cover it out of pocket.

Allegedly, however, he didn’t do the former until too late and didn’t bother with the latter:

Retired professional baseball player Ted Lilly has been charged with insurance fraud in San Luis Obispo County . . .

According to the California Department of Insurance, Lilly damaged his RV worth around $200,000 but did not file a claim until after he purchased insurance on the vehicle. The amount of the claim is not known at this time.

Assistant District Attorney Lee Cunningham alleges the crimes happened in March of last year.

Dang, during his first March where he wasn’t in a spring training camp in his adult life. Some people just aren’t made for the real world.

If convicted, Lilly could face up to five years in prison.