I think we’re just about to the nadir off the offseason


In late December we get the shortest day of the year. Night falls so early and sunrise comes so late that it feels like we’ll never return to the happy warm life we love so dearly.

But it is not all bleak! For on that shortest day, the tide of darkness turns. It never gets worse! The very next day is a few seconds longer. Soon, we’re gaining a minute a day and before you know it we’re setting clocks forward and spring begins to bloom!

Baseball’s offseason is a lot like that. As it drags on, it gets more and more attenuated from actual baseball and the activities and events we’re forced to settle for seem less and less important. It feels like we’ll never enjoy a game again. But there is, like the winter solstice, a low point that we can nonetheless celebrate because, surely, everything that happens thereafter is more significant and brings us a step closer to mitts popping and bats cracking.

Ladies and gentlemen: I bring you what I believe to be that moment:

Everything that happens now will be better. Blue skies will be here soon.