Pete Rose will be at the All-Star Game in Cincinnati this year


The 2015 MLB All-Star Game will take place at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati on July 14. One of the big questions surrounding the event is if Pete Rose will be on hand for the occasion despite his lifetime ban from baseball. Now we have our answer via Reds owner Bob Castellini:

For the record, here’s what outgoing commissioner Bud Selig had to say on the topic last July:

“That will be up to the Cincinnati club, and they know what they can do and can’t do. It’s sort of been subjective. But they’ve done some things with Pete, but they’ve been very, very thoughtful and limited. But that’s a subject that I’m sure they’ll discuss in the next year.”

While it’s now confirmed that Rose will be at the All-Star Game, it’s unclear what his role will be. Still, he’s going to be a hot topic no matter what, so there’s no need to pretend like he doesn’t exist. Of course, this won’t be the first time Rose has been back in an MLB stadium since his ban. He was allowed to participate in baseball’s All-Century Team ceremony during the 1999 World Series and has been on the field at Great American Ball Park for a couple of ceremonies in recent years.