The Dodgers’ TV situation is likely to be unchanged for the 2015 season


All last season, the only way you could see Dodgers games in the Los Angels market is if you were a Time-Warner subscriber, because that’s the only cable carrier in the area that carried SportsNet, the Dodgers TV network. Most people in Los Angeles are not Time-Warner subscribers, however, so most L.A.-dwelling Dodgers fans could not see their team.

While there is potential movement on all of this [see note below], Bill Shaikin and Meg James of the Los Angeles Times report today that it’s unlikely that things will be different by the time Opening Day rolls around, leaving Dodgers fans in Los Angeles stuck with either radio or nothing for the boys in blue.

That note: the movement I mentioned stems from the pending Time-Warner/Comcast merger which would, presumably, mean that SportsNet would eventually find its way to way more subscribers in Los Angeles. As the article notes, however, federal approval of that merger is not set to be determined until just before the season starts, and various regulations prevent the parties from negotiating deals while approval is pending, so it’s unlikely that the merger changes the prospects for L.A. people to see Dodgers games until at least after the season starts.

And, of course: NBC is a Comcast company and I work for NBC, so I’m not going to say anything substantive about any of that apart from link this informative article for your edification and enjoyment.