Before you hit “publish” on your A-Rod/Barry Bonds hot take . . .


When I saw that Alex Rodriguez was training with Barry Bonds, my heart grew three sizes. Not because two of the best players of all time were working together, really, but because you know — you just know — that someone is gonna rattle off a hot take about it soon.

I’m not sure who it’ll be — maybe Madden, maybe Klapisch, maybe Lupica — but you know there will be some spittle-infused invective thrown about how A-Rod working with Bonds shows that he “just doesn’t get it.” How A-Rod doesn’t understand public relations. How cheaters stick together. How now, at long last, Rodriguez has finally forfeited the right to any benefit of the doubt. Never mind that these people haven’t given him any benefit of the doubt from anywhere between five and fourteen years.

I really can’t wait to read that stuff. But before we read it, a little reminder: Barry Bonds worked with the entire San Francisco Giants team last spring as an instructor and has personally and privately coached multiple other players in the past. The same Giants who just won the World Series. Other players whom no one criticizes for working with the tainted Home Run King.

Maybe the fact that this is no different than that which has happened in the recent past will cause the hot takers to think twice before going after Rodriguez once again. I kind of doubt it, but maybe it will. Either way, I just wanted to throw that out there.