If you can’t hack it in baseball, try cricket?


Our friend The Dangerous Mabry alerts us to this story about a former British cricket player-turned-coach in Pakistan named Julien Fountain who is trying to recruit baseball players to cricket. Specifically, minor leaguers who think they may not make it. Or who realize that they can’t make any money playing baseball given how crappy minor leaguers have it here:

“I’m not trying to take players away from a baseball career,” says Fountain,who had tryouts with the Royals, the White Sox and the Mets, before coaching some of cricket’s top international teams using skills learned in the ballpark.

“But any current minor leaguers who feel they aren’t going to make it, or guys who have recently been cut or quit because they simply cannot afford to carry on; they are perfect for a career in modern cricket. And the key things for these guys is that it pays considerably better than the Gulf Coast League.”

There is some precedent for success too, in the form of a team of former Korean baseball players who went pretty far in the Asian Games this past fall in T20 cricket.

Included in the story: a Blue Jays farmhand who is making a go of it.