The owners meetings this week will address pace-of-play concerns, fete Bud Selig


The owners will have their quarterly owners meeting this week. It’s the last one over which Bud Selig will preside as commissioner, as he will step down in 11 days. It’s also a good reminder that, for reasons that someone obviously has, Selig will be paid $6 million a year as a retired person. Really, someone woke up one day and thought to himself, “hey, we should give Bud $6 million a year until he dies to do absolutely nothing.” Then he took that to a committee and if anyone thought that maybe that wasn’t the best use of $6 million, that person lost the argument.

I love baseball owners.

On the actual agenda: the pace of play issue. As David Lennon of Newsday reports, the owners will consider the innovations and experiments employed in the Arizona Fall League such as the pitch clock and rules regarding staying in the batter’s box. It’s unclear if the owners will recommend the adoption of any of these things — reports are that the pitch clock is a non-starter now — but they will discuss it all. Baseball doesn’t do rules changes quickly, of course.

But even if they don’t do anything with that, it will be a good meeting if for no other reason than the solid gold telephone they present to Bud and the magical moment he cuts into the cake they have given him in the¬†shape of a minor leaguer’s maxed-out credit card and/or bag of off-brand hamburger helper on which he is forced to subsist.