The Brewers announce a “Timeless Ticket”


This is different. The Brewers are selling something called a “Timeless Ticket.” It’s literally a bronze ticket — sorry, the pic was a close as I could get — that you can use to get into one future Brewers game. Any Brewers game. The details:

  • Each ticket is individually numbered, comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and is packaged in a specially-designed gift box.
  • Each ticket is authenticated by Major League Baseball and includes its own registered ID number under the MLB Authentication program.
  • The ticket weighs approximately one pound, is 6.25” by 3.5,” and sits in a wood display base.
  • The cost of the ticket (which includes the brass engraved ticket and the actual ticket to the game of the owner’s choosing) is $1,000.

They describe it thusly:

This unique opportunity allows the owner to redeem their Timeless Ticket for an actual ticket to any single future Brewers game at Miller Park, whether it’s in 2015 or 2050 or whether it is Opening Day or the 7th game of the World Series.

Which, while that sounds rather fun, still doesn’t sound like a great deal. Maybe the Brewers never make the Series? Then you’ve paid $1,000 for, what, a late July tilt with a special concert after the game from Toto? I mean, that’s sweet in its own way, but still not worth $1,000.

I get the sense that the Brewers weren’t selling many of these, so they sweetened it a little:

The Milwaukee Brewers today announced a new, added value to the limited edition Timeless Ticket. The unique offer includes one ticket to any Brewers Opening Day or Postseason game, plusan added opportunity to redeem it for a ticket to nine additional Brewers home games (excluding Opening Day and Postseason). 

OK, so now you get 10 tickets for $1,000, at least one of which is a hot ticket. That plus a big hunk of bronze is getting closer, probably.

Still: I’d rather have a tour of the chocolate factory.