Two voters explain why they voted for one of the Bonds-Clemens duo and not the other


The other day I linked to Jerry Green’s Hall of Fame ballot, which contained a vote for Roger Clemens and not Barry Bonds and asked how one could possibly differentiate between the two. New York Magazine’s Joe DeLessio spoke to Green and to another voter who voted for Bonds but not Clemens and they explained themselves.

Click through to read their explanations, but suffice it to say they’re not the strongest bits of reasoning on the planet by virtue of (a) taking the legal proceedings against the two of them seriously and not for the jokes that they were; and (b) accepting the PED-use timeline for those two uncritically.

In other news, all of the voters who chose to make their ballots public did do today over at the BBWAA website. Enjoy. And ask yourself what Lawrence Rocca was thinking in voting for just Trammell and Raines.