Progressive Field named the most family-friendly ballpark in the country


There is a magazine called “ABC Travel Guides for Kids.” For reasons that must include proximity to Cedar Point over in Sandusky and the well-known love all children have for panini sandwiches, it has named Cleveland its number one travel destination for kids in 2015. And it went one step further: it says “Progressive Field might be the most family friendly ballpark in the country.”

It’s possible. I haven’t yet taken my kids up to Cleveland for a game, but I’ve been there often and (a) tickets aren’t terribly expensive; (b) concessions skew cheaper than most parks; (c) it’s fairly easy-in, easy-out; and (d) they do a lot of fireworks and family nights and things. Their current renovation is expanding family areas too.

I’ve only taken my kids to two major league parks — Petco and Great American Ballpark — and both of those were pretty good along those lines. But I guess I need to take ’em to an Indians game this summer and put this to the test.