Pedro Martinez still holds a grudge against Jorge Posada because he insulted Martinez’s mother


A lot to unpack here, but this New York Daily News story quotes Pedro Martinez saying that he still holds one baseball grudge: Jorge Posada. Why?

There was never much doubt that Pedro Martinez relished the idea of intimidating Yankee hitters and plunking them when he felt like it. On Wednesday he admitted the one guy with whom he considered it personal was Jorge Posada . . . “Between Latinos you don’t mention anybody’s mother,” Pedro said. “And I never forgot that one. To this day.”

The story has the details, all of which were tied up in the famous 2003 brawl between the Yankees and Red Sox which ended with Don Zimmer face down on the turf.

I wish, instead of plunking people, Pedro had just responded with that old “Hey now, let’s just get off of mothers . . . let’s just get OFF of mothers . . .” joke, but I suppose it’s ancient history at this point.

UPDATE: The video of Pedro’s comments: