Alan Trammell is fine with not making the Hall of Fame


Alan Trammell is not going to make the Hall of Fame via the Baseball Writers Association of America. But he has made his peace with that. From the Detroit News:

“I know I could play,” he said over the phone Wednesday. “I also know what I accomplished in my career. I’m comfortable with all of that. If I come up short in the voting, as I’ve been doing, that’s something out of my control. It’s not going to change me.”

It’s good of Trammell to say something diplomatic like that rather than reveal the truth: that the voters have it in for him because of his membership in the Bull Moose Party. Schilling knows what I’m talkin’ about.

Anyway, I’m content to be more mad about this than Trammell is. As my friend Mike Ferrin likes to say, he and Whitaker shoulda been inducted into Cooperstown together, giving their acceptance speech while riding a tandem bicycle.