Mike Trout thinks the fix was in on the Lions-Cowboys game


I spent my Sunday driving back home from a short trip to North Carolina followed by a viewing of “Chinatown,” because one has to watch that movie at least once a year. I mean, this is a civilized society and that’s what one does in a civilized society.

But I gather that I was in the minority with that. Most of you, based on my Twitter feed anyway, watched the NFL playoffs. Particularly the Lions-Cowboys game which ended, based on my Twitter feed anyway, with some degree of controversy.

American League MVP Mike Trout is part of my Twitter feed. He tweeted this as the game was ending:

The “haha” makes me sad, as I would have preferred serious, righteous anger, but alas none, even though he presumably possesses some natural Cowboys hate based on him growing up in NFC East country.

In other news, noted Cowboys fan Bryce Harper was silent as to the outcome of the game.