The Dodgers formally announce their signing of Brett Anderson


It was first reported that Brett Anderson was signing with the Dodgers on December 15. I don’t know what everyone’s been doing for the past 16 days — my guess: working on Anderson’s road trip rider, which specifies which bottled waters and hand lotions he demands — but they have finally gotten around to finalizing the deal:

Arruebarrena played 22 games at short for the Dodgers as well as at four different minor league levels in 2014. That’s some moving around. Unfortunately, he didn’t play well at any of those five levels and now he’s on the way out. This after they signed him to a five-year, $25 million contract out of Cuba. The guy who signed him — Ned Colletti — still works in the Dodgers front office. That’s gotta be awkward for him. I feel like Andrew Friedman has had a few conversations with The Bobs about “fixing the glitch” with Colletti’s salary. Maybe moving his office and taking his stapler too.

As for Anderson, it’s a $10 million deal plus $4 million in potential incentives. He [presses the keys which store the “Brett Anderson Macro”] has long been one of the most promising lefties in the game and has pitched well when he’s pitched but has struggled to keep healthy. If he is healthy in 2015, the Dodgers will have a front-end quality starter at the back end of their rotation, which is a nice little trick.