The aura of Derek Jeter was present at the Pinstripe Bowl


Derek Jeter may be retired from baseball, but that doesn’t mean he’s done affecting the outcomes of sporting contests.

The Penn State University Nittany Lions overcame the Boston College Eagles in overtime on Saturday in the Pinstripe Bowl, held at Yankee Stadium. Tied at 24-24, Boston College scored first in overtime when Tyler Murphy hit David Dudeck for a 21-yard touchdown. They did not convert the point after touchdown, opening the door for Penn State to eke out a win.

Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg tied the game at 30 apiece with a 10-yard pass to Kyle Carter. Kicker Sam Ficken was called on to give Penn State the win with a successful PAT.

First, a little back story, via the Associated Press:

Derek Jeter’s former No. 2 locker was the place holder for Penn State kicker Sam Ficken.

Ficken had the honor of using the retired Jeter’s locker for Saturday’s Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium against Boston College.

Did Ficken make the point after touchdown? Of course! The clutch magic that Jeter left sitting in his locker obviously rubbed off on the kicker.

Penn State fans, be sure to send thank you cards to Jeets, as his aura lingers at the hallowed Bronx stadium even to this day.