Before deciding on the Cubs, David Ross heard on the radio that he signed with the Padres


David Ross recently took Rob Bradford of behind the scenes of how he landed a two-year, $5 million contract with the Cubs. If you recall, there was an incorrect report out there that Ross had decided to sign with the Padres. I recommend reading the whole story, but here’s how it felt to be in his shoes on that day:

“It was a really weird day,” he said. “I went to sleep and got up the next morning and my agent told me the Padres had made another offer. I told him I was going to workout and we would talk when I got out. I literally got out of the gym, turned on my radio and they said David Ross had committed to the Padres. I couldn’€™t believe it. So I got my agent on the phone right away to try and figure that out. For about two hours of my day, it was crazy.

“I had turned [the Padres] down twice, saying no right away. I hadn’€™t fully committed to the Cubs, but I had. I wanted to be a man of my word. Me and Theo [Epstein] go back to 20€™08 and I respect him. Once Boston was off the table, I had already put my heart with Chicago.”

Baseball rumors are a strange phenomenon even for an outsider. Imagine living in the middle of them?

Ross turns 38 in March and was limited to only 55 games this past season due to injury while batting just .184 with seven home runs and a .629 OPS, so he admitted to being “really shocked” at the level of interest in him this winter. After deciding on Chicago, he’ll catch a couple of days per week backing up Miguel Montero and function as Jon Lester’s personal catcher once again.