George Steinbrenner’s foundation will pay for the education of the children of the slain NYPD officer



One of the two NYPD officers killed yesterday — Rafael Ramos — had children. One is 13, the other in college. The Silver Shield Foundation, founded by late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, will pay for their educations.

This is not some emotional reaction to yesterday’s terrible news, of course. It is the very mission of the Silver Shield Foundation, which was set up by Steinbrenner over 30 years ago. Since it began, the organization has paid for the education of over 800 children of fallen police officers and firefighters. You can read more about the foundation here.

It’s a shame such a foundation has to exist in the first place and that it has been as busy as it has been in its 32-year existence. But thanks to George Steinbrenner and the men and women who run it, the Silver Shield Foundation has been able to help the families of those killed in the line of duty to at least begin to pick up the pieces and carry on.