Troy Tulowitzki trade between the Rockies and Mets is “not happening”


CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reported yesterday that the Mets and Rockies have been talking about a Troy Tulowitzki deal “for weeks.” However, Mets fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. Here’s an update from former Rockies beat writer Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

Even Heyman noted yesterday that there was a long way to go in talks and it was far from a certainty that anything would get done. Adam Rubin of ESPN New York gave it a five percent chance of happening while FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal pegged it at 5-10 percent. In other words, not very promising.

There’s certainly an argument to be made for the Mets to just take a chance and make the deal, as Tulowitzki would immediately take them from a “maybe” contender to a “legitimate” contender and reinvigorate the fanbase, but it’s not that simple. Tulowitzki just turned 30 in October and has a long injury history, including hip surgery this past October. He’s also guaranteed $118 million through 2020. It’s unclear if the Mets (and more specifically, the Wilpons) are willing to take on Tulowitzki’s remaining salary. The Mets could ask the Rockies to eat some money in the deal, but that would require them to give up more talent in the return package. Top prospect Noah Syndergaard would likely be the centerpiece of a deal, but Rubin wrote yesterday that the Rockies’ asking price is “bats**t.” And why not, the Rockies would be giving up the face of their franchise. They need a huge haul to justify a trade to their fans. Rockies owner Dick Monfort is close with Tulowitzki and it might be difficult to get him to sign off on a deal. There are hurdles on all sides.

Renck wondered out loud whether some life could be breathed back into the possibility at some point, so maybe the Mets want to see how Tulowitzki feels in the spring before getting serious. Or the Wilpons will never have the desire or financial flexibility to take on his contract and this is all a waste of breath, even if the Rockies are willing to play ball.