Vin Scully lost his 1988 World Series ring at Costco but got it back. And talks about how Costco is cool.


Bill Plaschke has a neat story today. It’s about how Vin Scully was stocking up on ribs and stuff with the missus at Costco recently and, somehow, lost his 1988 World Series ring:

Once they had loaded the trunk, Scully climbed into the front seat, glanced down at his Costco-weary hands, and noticed something missing.

His 1988 World Series ring had disappeared from his finger.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, I’ve lost my ring,’ ” Vin said . . . “I kept telling myself, ‘A ring is only a thing, it’s only a thing,’ ” Scully said. “But I felt so terrible.”

Everyone sprung into action. You have to read the story to learn the outcome. But in the meantime, know that Vin is 100% right to be buying Costco ribs. Their ribs are the best, dudes.