The Mets and Rockies have been talking about a Troy Tulowitzki deal “for weeks”


Mets fans continue to be teased. From Heyman:

The Mets and Rockies have been quietly discussing a potential Troy Tulowitzki blockbuster for weeks, though it isn’t known yet whether New York have a decent chance to complete such a deal.

Prized Mets pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard is said to be the centerpiece of discussions revolcing around a potential package of young players in a possible deal for Tulo . . .

Heyman notes, however, that there is a long way to go on these talks and that there is no certainty that anything can actually get done.

Meanwhile, Adam Rubin of ESPN says that there’s less than a five percent chance of anything happening and quotes an insider who says that the package the Rockies are requesting for Tulowitzki is “bats**t.” Which is a level of directness I can appreciate as a fan and baseball writer sick and tired of the usual hot stove euphemisms.

But talk is more than many connected with both the Mets and Rockies have admitted to in the past, so this is something.