The NFL in Dodger Stadium?


This is a few days old, but just bubbled up in front of me this morning. The “League,” here refers to the NFL, of course, and the topic is the NFL’s desire to move a team to Los Angeles:

Which I would object to on religious grounds. A better objection, however, may come from one of the people who commented on the tweet:

I have no idea if this scale is perfectly correct — and it’s possible it could work if you angled the gridiron from the first base dugout out to left field like a lot of multi-purpose parks do — but it still looks like a lousy place for football, even if you don’t care about the desecration of a baseball cathedral.

My guess is that it’s just something people are yakking about to be yakking. Or that it’s some idea aimed at seeing if people will actually go to Chavez Ravine to watch football, eventually paving the way for the construction of a football stadium on the site as has been suggested at various times in recent years.