On some days, Pedro Martinez knew opposing hitters were “f****d”


Tom Verducci’s Hall of Fame column has this fantastic anecdote from a conversation Verducci had with Pedro Martinez:

We were standing near the pitcher’s mound on a makeshift field where amateur players train in Santo Domingo in his native Dominican Republic. I was asking Martinez what it felt like on the days when he knew he had his best stuff. He motioned toward home plate and told me those are the days when the distance between the mound and the plate seemed to be shortened. And then a mischievous smile came over his face. “Then,” he said, “you are f—-d.”

There have been tons written about Pedro Martinez’s changeup, his fastball and his breaking ball. But I feel like if we could see how pitching looked from his perspective — heck, if we could only see one-tenth of what he saw in his prime — it would probably blow our minds.