UPDATE: It looks like the Blue Jays aren’t getting rid of Paul Beeston after all


UPDATE: Well, this is, suffice it to say, a reversal:

It’s possible that the Jays wanted to get new blood but no one wanted to let their top talent leave for Toronto. It’s possible that they realized that, maybe, they don’t want to part ways with the single most important executive in team history.

9:12 AMWe learned a couple of days ago that the Blue Jays are looking to replace Paul Beeston, the team president, who also happened to be the first Blue Jays employee, starting his tenure with the team in 1976.

OK, time passes, people move on, even if they are institutions within the organization. But, one hopes, they’re treated better than Beeston is reportedly being treated. Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun says that the way Beeston found out that the Jays were actively seeking to replace him was when White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf called to tell him that the Jays had contacted him about interviewing Sox’ president Kenny Williams for the job.

To be sure, the Jays are within their rights to get rid of Beeston if they want to. As Simmons notes, his contract expired in October and has not been renewed. He also notes, however, that Beeston has often worked without a contract for the Jays over the course of his long career and no one with the Jays ownership group at Rogers had told Beeston that they wanted him gone.

At the very least, one would hope that an organization legend like Beeston deserves to find out that his employer is moving on from his actual employer, not from one of the people they’ve contacted in an effort to replace him.