David Ortiz wants the Sox to “step up” for Jon Lester


From WEEI, passing along the comments of David Ortiz, who really, really wants Jon Lester back in Boston:

“. . . hopefully we end up having him. We need him . . . €œThis is a guy who loves Boston, so if I’€™m the Red Sox I do whatever it takes to keep a guy like that because that’€™s a guy who brings everything he has every day to the field . . . €œHe was devastated when he got traded, and I know that. I can personally tell you that. But this is a business, and I know he understands that. So now is the time for us to step up, man up, and try to make the guy happy.”

I feel like Ortiz would get mad if Ben Cherington penciled himself in as the Sox’ DH for a game next year, so I’m guessing Cherington is not all that happy to hear Ortiz’s comments. But then again, Ortiz has never not spoken his mind about such matters, so I suppose it’s to be expected.

But these sorts of comments do tend to frame issues in a town with a crazy media. If Lester, say, just decides to go to Chicago instead of Boston, it’ll likely be framed as the Sox “not stepping up,” will it not?