Tim Brosnan, V.P. of business, is leaving MLB


Major League Baseball just announced that Tim Brosnan, Major League Baseball’s Executive Vice President, Business and CEO of MLB Enterprises, will depart from MLB at the end of January.

Brosnan was a finalist for the commissioner’s job which went to Rob Manfred. He had been with Major League Baseball since 1991, and had spearheaded many of MLB’s sponsorship and business deals. Manfred is basically squeezing him out, however, by naming MLB Advanced Media President Bob Bowman “chief revenue officer” and putting him more squarely in charge of overall business matters, rather than simply limiting him to digital initiatives.

As Maury Brown wrote in November, baseball’s previous structure — Bowman on the digital side, Brosnan doing other things — was frustrating for sponsors and would-be partners who would prefer to deal with MLB in a unified way rather than have to talk to two different shops, as it were. It also created turf wars internally, some say. I have spoken personally to at least one club employee who said it was really, really frustrating to have to clear ideas and initiatives through two offices, practically speaking.

Bowman’s ascension means that Brosnan was, as the British like to say, made redundant.