Report: the Rays, and other Tampa sports teams, had indentured servants working their concessions


This report from the Tampa Bay Times is a couple of days old, but I just saw it via Deadspin, who picked up and brought it to our attention on Sunday.

The upshot: concession operators for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the the Rays, the Lightning, and the Daytona 500 all employed labor from a ministry called New Beginnings, which labor investigators have characterized as “indentured servitude.” Specifically, the money the workers earned working the concession stands goes directly to the ministry which provides the men with shelter and food. Investigators say, however, that the ministry takes advantage of the men, many of whom are mentally ill and/or drug addicted, and fails to provide them with the services and support it claims.

For what it’s worth, the company which runs the Tropicana Field concessions says it was unaware of the arrangement and that it violates its terms.

Read the while investigative report. And then take a step back and marvel at what some people will do to make a buck.