Umpire Dale Scott comes out as gay


Outsports reports that umpire Dale Scott has come out as gay. He’s the first active umpire to do so. Former umpire Dave Pallone came out after he left umpiring.

Scott’s coming out wasn’t done in some big announcement. It wasn’t a political or social stand. It was merely Scott allowing a picture of him and his husband of nearly 30 years, Michael Rausch, to be used in a small magazine profile.

Scott tells Outsports that his colleagues and MLB has known Scott is gay for some time and that it’s not been a thing to them at all. Which makes sense. These guys work together, travel together, eat together, catch all kinds of hell from players, managers and fans together and know each other’s spouses and everything.

And of course this all puts lie to the notion from ignorant talking heads about how openly gay athletes are “distractions” or problems for sports teams. Umpires are a much smaller club who have to work very, very closely together. If it doesn’t “distract” them, it’s not going to distract anyone.