Baseball’s annual PED report has been released


MLB and the MLBPA released the annual public report from the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program’s Independent Program Administrator. It’s the thing that says how many positive drug tests there were, for what, etc.

The notable numbers, which cover the period starting when the 2013 World Series ended until the 2014 World Series ended:

  • Total number of drug tests:  7,929. 6,394 of those were urine samples, 1,535 were blood tests.
  • Tests that resulted in discipline: 12. Two were for what the Joint Drug Agreement defines as Performances Enhancing Substances — one was Boldenone, the other Methandienone — and ten were for stimulants, including Adderall (8), Methylhexaneamine (1) and Modafanil (1). There was one non-analytical positive.
  • There were 113 Therapeutic Use Exemptions granted, all but one for attention deficit disorder. There was one TUE for hypogonadism.

As always, the number of players who get exemptions for ADD drugs is a bit higher than the occurrence of ADD in the population at large and, once you eliminate kids, it’s likely considerably higher. But such is the stuff of the JDA. It’s probably more surprising that ten guys took stimulants without getting the easy use exemption.