A.J. Hinch likes horrible and awful things for Thanksgiving dinner


Me? I pulled a Crazy Ivan and went with beef tenderloin and scallops for dinner yesterday. We called it Surf and Turfsgiving. It was most excellent:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I was a bit hesitant to go non-traditional like this, but it turned out great and all of the things I love about Thanksgiving — too much food, booze and being with people I love — were still there, so it turns out that being different about it all was just fine.

But there are limits to what can be tolerated on Thanksgiving. And new Astros manager A.J. Hinch and his family have friggin’ pushed ’em. Get this, from an MLB.com story about the favorite Thanksgiving dishes of several players, managers and broadcasters.

“I guess I would call it a Jell-O-pistachio salad that my mom made growing up and my wife has continued to keep in the tradition. It’s got a little bit of sweetness to it, it’s got marshmallows in it and a little bit of Jell-O flavor, pistachio flavor. It’s one of those weird dishes I only eat in November this time of year because it’s always been connected to Thanksgiving.”

He helpfully supplies the recipe. Reds broadcaster Jim Kelch eats that crap too. And I don’t even want to contemplate what that  . . . thing was that Padres broadcaster Mark Grant’s family eats. Seriously, go read it. It has Cool Whip, rice and pineapples in it.

You people are awful, really. Yeah, I said it.