Pablo Sandoval’s deal: five years, $98 million plus an option


Jon Heyman has the details of Pablo Sandoval’s deal with the Red Sox:¬†five years and $98 million with a team option for year six.

That is said to be a tad higher than what the Giants offered, though it’s not crazy to think they were comparable deals as far as it all went with a small bump put in there at the end. Who knows how that works, really. It’s safe to say, though, that Sandoval was probably not going back to San Francisco once the Sox got within shouting range of their offer.

Now the question is how long this will be a good deal for Boston. As I said yesterday, it can and probably will be a good deal at the outset and gives the Sox a chance to go for it all for the next couple of years. If it does sour, it’ll be toward the end, as most large contracts sour toward the end and which does not, in and of itself, make the contract an unwise one. If Boston gets another title or two, it’ll have been proved more than worth it.

Press conference today.