Let go of your Troy Tulowitzki fantasies, Yankees fans


At least those of you who still harbor them after Yankees brass made the rounds to tell everyone that they aren’t going to be making big dollar deals, be it in free agency or via trade, this offseason. Because as Andy Martino reports, that approach appears to be more than a mere talking point this winter.

Martino says, for starters, that teams which have spoken to the Rockies over the past two weeks do not believe Tulowitzki will be traded. But even if he was being shopped, the Yankees legitimately do not seem to be interested in a $114 million commitment to a 30-year-old.

Again, it’s the sort of thing that makes sense given what appears to be going on with the Yankees at the moment. But there are always some that either hold out hope or assume that the Yankees are lying when they say they’re not doing something.