Baseball has four of the 15 worst owners in sports


Over at Rolling Stone Jeb Lund assesses the 15 worst owners in professional sports. You’ll be happy to know that baseball, while not claiming the top spot or even dominating the finalists, nonetheless makes a good showing: four of the 15 worst owners call the National Pastime home.

The “best” of the four worst owners are the Wilpons of New York. Lund describes their M.O. thusly:

Thanks to wise investment, the Wilpons have lived on a shoestring budget for six years, taking profits from their ownership in SNY to make up team shortfalls and hoping that a tight budget and crossed fingers can arrest the team cratering that began in 2009. The Wilpons have seemingly never met a problem for which an absence of a solution will do, unless they have a solution worse than the problem, and that solution is invariably “them.”

Also featured: David Glass of Kansas City, The Ricketts family of Chicago and Jeff Loria of Miami. Peaches, all.