Wanna see the agreement between Major League Baseball and Anthony Bosch?


Yesterday, Lazaro Collazo, one of the defendants in the Biogenesis case filed a motion. If you’re curious about the substance of it, read about it here. That Daily News link couches it in terms of A-Rod, but it’s not terribly relevant to his situation or anything we tend to care about around these parts. No real baseball impact, anyway.

What is interesting, however, is that he attached all manner of documents to his motion. One of them was a HardballTalk article from a couple of weeks ago which, well, good luck buddy:


If by “reported” he means “linked a story from four years ago,” well, sure. Maybe this guy’s lawyer needs to become more familiar with the Internet. Or maybe he can call me as a character witness. For who, I have no idea, but I’d like a trip to Miami.

A far more relevant thing he attached to his motion is the actual agreement between Anthony Bosch and Major League Baseball which effected Bosch’s cooperation with the league. It’s mostly a standard sort of cooperation agreement. Of note, however, is the provision in which Major League Baseball agrees to provide Bosch with security to the tune of $2,400 a day. Which is some kind of security.

Anyway, if you’re interested in this stuff like I am, you can read that here:

MLB Bosch Agreement