Brian Cashman slept on the street to raise money for homeless children


Yankees GM Brian Cashman makes the news in the offseason for making big free agent signings and, occasionally, for rappelling down buildings. But he’s done something else for the past four years which is more meaningful. And he did it again last night:

Brian Cashman expected not to get much sleep Thursday night. But not because he’s worrying about missing out on any big free-agent signings. For the fifth consecutive year, the New York Yankees general manager planned to sleep outside in the blustery West 41st Street courtyard of Covenant House as part of an annual nationwide event to raise money to benefit homeless children and adolescents.

In the story Cashman explains how bad just one night can be, and that “no one should have to live like that.” He’s absolutely right there.

Some good work from the guy who runs the allegedly evil empire.