The pace-of-play rules in the Arizona Fall League were a mixed bag


Jerry Crasnick of ESPN assesses how those pace-of-play rules/experiments went in the Arizona Fall League. The upshot: some progress — Joe Torre thinks it went well — but a lot of weirdness too, and musings from various players and executives as to how things like pitch clocks may work in the majors.

There are a lot of good observations in there from various people, noting possible gray areas innovations like pitch clocks and rules about the number of mound meetings may reveal. Some dumb stuff too — Braves defacto GM John Hart seems to love pitchers delaying the game when it’s his pitcher doing it and not when it’s other guys (note his Dennis Martinez anecdote) — but most of it makes sense.

Which is why it was an experiment. As we’ve argued here, MLB should get this right and start small rather than go with gimmicky solutions. If it really messes things up, well, think hard about it. If it merely annoys people, well, tough.

As for where we go from here?

Hmm. Maybe someone should put a clock on them . . .